Found on a Cocktail Napkin

Every sports-related website makes predictions. People love ’em. And when Inside College Hockey was up and running on both cylinders, we made predictions, too. As we prepared for the second annual Week of INCH, we pored through the archives to see how accurate we were with our predictions. Turns out, we were surprisingly good. Just take a look …

INCH Found on a Cocktail Napkin


  • An average-sized defenseman from Florida will lead Union to a national title.
  • Penn State will show it’s for real when their Russian kid gets a hat trick against Arizona State.
  • The road to the MacNaughton Cup will go through Bemidji.
  • Mark Morris will be back in college hockey … coaching St. Lawrence.
  • This Michigan-Michigan State series will go along way in determining who finishes last in the Big Ten.
  • North Dakota will never get over the hump with Dave Hakstol behind the bench.
  • It will make complete sense for UMass, Quinnipiac, St. Lawrence, and Vermont to play in Belfast.
  • Jerry York will wear an eye patch.
  • There will be so many games on TV you won’t be able to choose which one to watch.
  • You’ll miss Inside College Hockey when it’s gone.

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