We started InsideCollegeHockey.com back in 2002 with the intent of taking a look at the game through a different lens. And though INCH went dark in 2012, we still feel the need to share our thoughts and opinions about the game we love—just on a more informal basis.

That’s the driving force behind INCH Writers. You’ll see some familiar features from INCH 1.0—Found on a Cocktail Napkin and the INCH Podcast immediately come to mind—and you’ll see some things from us you’ve never seen before. Honestly, we’re not sure where this venture will take us, but there will be one constant—the best college hockey writing anywhere.

In addition to our regular stable of talent, we hope to invite a few special guests to join us from time to time.

As sad as we were to see InsideCollegeHockey.com go, we’re excited about the future of INCH Writers. We hope you are, too.

Mike Eidelbes
Managing Editor
INCH Writers
Email: inchwriters@gmail.com
Twitter: @INCH
Facebook: Inside College Hockey


4 responses

  1. Is it possible to get others to carry the torch from here?
    I know it wouldn’t be quite the same, but you guys had built a recognizable and reputable brand; be a shame to just let it die.

  2. College hockey continues to fade away online. I’m hoping to change that by including it on a new site I’m launching later this year. Struggling to find anyone who covers hockey recruiting anymore. I’m looking for any sites that may rank prospects committed and/or uncommitted. Any ideas or suggestions?

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